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Online Business Starter Kit

If you're a coach, course creator or just starting online, this starter kit is perfect for you.

You'll get access to ebook, checklist, training videos and other training resources. They will help you to get started online fast.

Come in and check it out yourself!  

7 Modules

How To Build A Successful Online Business

To start an online coaching business is not as difficult as you think. 

In this module, we'll go through some simple steps to set up a successful online business. 

Understand Your Market

No matter what business you're in, it's very important to understand your market. 

In this module, we're going to look at how to identify your market, your niche, your competitors. We'll focus on your strengths, experiences and validate your business. Making sure there is a demand for your offer.

Your Customer Avatar

In this lesson, I'm going to help you identify your ideal customer avatar.

Research Your Competitors

Do spend time on this lesson as it'll help you to gain clarity on what you should be offering and how you're going to deliver your course and materials.

Bonus - How To Build A Successful Coaching Business Online Checklist

What's Next?

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If you enjoyed this free starter kit, then you're ready to get started with your online business!

Remember, you're building a REAL business.

Book a free 15-min discovery call with me and find out how I can help you to get started or to scale your online business. CLICK HERE.

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