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Business Accelerator

Business Accelerator - I work with you on YOUR BUSINESS. 

How does it work?

Business Accelerator is a business 'deep dive' and happens in three parts. 

1. The first part is like the pre-work, the pre-phase. When you sign up for the intensive, you're going to answer questions. It'll take you probably 30-45 minutes to answer the questions. 

2. We then get on a call for two hours, and that two-hour call is recorded. We're going to dive into your offers and your funnels. I'm going to bring that to the table and help you create a really solid plan. 

3. I give you the recording, and I also work up a report. The report basically outlines in great detail everything we talked about with a plan. 

If you're interested, I would love to get you signed up for a FREE 15-min discovery call, so we can start to see if we’re a good fit together.

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